Can a dentist help with your eyesight?

     Question… would you go see a dentist if you were in need of some eyeglasses? After all a dentist is a Doctor. I’m pretty sure that I am safe by saying that all of us would seek out an Optometrist as opposed to a dentist if we were in need of some eyeglasses. So then why do we send our children to any place that states they train athletes when it comes to their fitness and athletic goals?

     The world of youth fitness/sports performance has become a multi billion-dollar business. In fact parents spent over 4 billion dollars towards youth fitness/sports performance last year alone. In 2008 according to MSNBC and Newsweek, more than 1 million children hire a personal trainer every year in the United States. The rate of youth obesity and the increased competitive nature of youth sports are sited as the major reason for this relatively new phenomenon.

     As a result of this phenomenon every strength and conditioning coach in the industry now states that they work with kids too. Why not? After all this is the trend that the fitness industry is heading towards. Being involved in the fitness industry for some time now I have seen many trends come and go. This is not necessarily a bad thing. After all exercising can become somewhat boring. So coming up with new workout programs make it more fun for us when we want to get in shape. However, when dealing with children, optimal athletic development should never be compromised for trendiness or what’s cool at the present moment.

     With so many certifications out there, a parent may be a little confused on where to turn when seeking a personal trainer or fitness facility for their children. Two concerns should be addressed here. Always ask about the trainers schooling and continuing education, and ask about the trainers experience working with children.

      Most nationally-accredited certification organizations offer professional trainers education and credentials in fitness or sport performance. ONLY the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) offers trainers specialized education in the aspects of working with children and adolescents.

     Athletic Revolution is the only facility that focuses on youth fitness and athletic development. Our clientele consist of only youth ranging from 6-18 years old. The Athletic Revolution Matthews was built strictly for youth training IT IS NOT A PART OF WHAT WE DO … IT IS ALL WE DO. Every trainer who works at Athletic Revolution Matthews MUST be a youth fitness specialist through the IYCA.

     So I ask again would you see a dentist if you needed eyeglasses or would you see someone who specializes in eyeglasses. Come see what makes Athletic Revolution Matthews the number 1 facility in the Charlotte area when it comes to youth fitness and athletic development.   

 Till next time, Coach George

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