April 2017

Normally our newsletters provide you with some athletic performance tips. In this month’s newsletter, we decided to do something different. We have included two testimonies of the many that we receive. Not to pat ourselves on our back, but after reading these two testimonies it validates that not only will your child improve their athletic performance but we also focus on the total development of your child.

“My name is Jeff Polofsky, and George Maoury has been working with my two sons for almost 3 years.  My oldest son was a team captain on the 2009 North Carolina State Champion Butler High School football team, and now is playing college football, as a middle linebacker, at Princeton University.  My younger son was a 10th grade starter at defensive end on the 2010 NC State Champion Butler High School football team, which after back-to-back championships, is the consensus preseason favorite for the 2011 title.

The highest compliment that I can give to George is that both of my boys truly believe that training with George has made a big difference in their conditioning, strength, speed, agility, and endurance.  They feel that George’s training is the “edge” or secret weapon that they have in performing at their highest possible level.  This belief comes after working out with a number of different coaches, teams, and trainers in both Atlanta and Charlotte, and seeing the difference in performance and accomplishment.

My thoughts are that there is such an important connection between the mental and physical aspects of athletic performance; that an athlete who has a strong belief that the training they’re doing is giving them a competitive advantage will work harder, and thus achieve better results.  George’s training techniques work, and when the kids see a higher level of performance they want as many sessions as possible.  That’s why after being away for months at college, one of the first things that my oldest son wants to do when he comes home is to train with George.

So, as parents, my wife and I feel that through training with George, our sons are not only getting the great benefits of his athletic training, but they’re also getting strong reinforcement on the very important relationship between hard work and reward.  And, we know that’s a lesson that will serve them long after their days on the playing field are over.”

…Since this testimony, Jeff’s youngest son was accepted into Davidson University where he played football as a defensive end for 4  years. He will be graduating this May. We are so proud of him!

Below is a testimony from a mom of an 8 year old we work with…

“Madi was thrilled to qualify and it was such a great life lesson for her on setting goals (this was a stretch goal for her at the beginning of the season) and working hard to achieve them.  I’ve been trying to teach her that there is no better feeling than accomplishing something and really earning it through good old fashioned hard work, but until you experience it for yourself it is a hard concept to grasp.  I think she is finally starting to understand that when you work hard, you achieve and when you achieve it feels good.  So thank you for your role in helping to develop her in to the person she is today – I’m very appreciative of you and the time she spends at AR further building her strength, stamina and self-confidence.”

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