Components of an Effective Warmup

Pregame and pre-practice warm ups aren’t just about taking a lap, doing a few static and dynamic stretches and that’s it.

When putting together a great, active warm up, coaches should focus on raising core temperature, ingraining proper movement patterns, elongating muscles actively, activating proprioceptors, stabilizers and the central nervous system, all while working on preventing injuries.

Knee hugs to monster walk lunges, bowler lunges, lateral lunges, spiderman crawls, inchworms, skips and one-legged multidirectional hops are great examples.

With little time and field availability, coaches often feel like they don’t have time for a great warm up. However, a well-designed warm up which will take 10 to 15 minutes can make a huge difference in the kind of year your athletes will have.


Knee hugs

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  1. pete snell

    George, thanks for lunch today, we enjoyed the visit. Appreciate the info for warm-ups…it gives me numerous ideas for starting the camp mornings. see you soon!

    pete snell
    grand slam usa


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