Exercise Selection and Order

After you’ve gone over and planned out variable one (frequency), you are now ready to focus on the second variable for developing a strength-training regimen for young athletes: Exercise Selection and Order.

When putting together a strength and conditioning program, coaches and trainers should ensure that their selection of exercises will target these areas and movement patterns:

Quad dominant
Hip dominant
Vertical push
Vertical pull
Horizontal push
Horizontal pull
Core stability
Hip stability
Shoulder stability
Single leg
Rotational and diagonal movement patterns


In order to get the most out of your lift, the order in which you place your exercises is extremely important.

First should come your speed/power/technical exercises.

1. Speed/Power/Technical Exercises

Some examples are:
Olympic lifts
Explosive lifts

Next you should incorporate your core lifts.

2. Core Lifts

Core lifts are multi-joint in nature. Some examples of Core Lifts include:
Bench press
Bent over row
Overhead press

Third, your accessory lists.

3. Accessory Lifts

Accessory lifts help with the development of structural balance. Here are three examples:
Good morning
Lat pull downs

Lastly, your supplemental lifts.

4. Supplemental Lifts

These might include:
Core training
Single leg
Hip stability
Shoulder stability
Rotational and diagonal movement patterns


Next week we will focus on the third variable in a strength and conditioning program, Sets and Reps.

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