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With the hectic holiday season coming to a close and the New Year just around the corner, everyone starts to think about things they want to change.  Millions of New Year’s resolutions are made and broken in the first week of January.  Why not forgo the resolution this year and make a lifestyle change?  Meaning forget about diets, weight loss, and focus on eating healthy, feeling better, sleeping better, sound good?  As most of us know diets don’t work-then again why would they?  You decide on a day that you won’t eat sweets or junk anymore-then all you think about is what you can’t have?  Talk about driving yourself crazy, and you do this voluntarily! 

I know, I know everyone groans when we start talking about eating healthy.  It’s like we’re asking you to cut off your little finger, but eating healthy doesn’t mean giving up everything!  Eating healthy means paying attention to what you eat, when you eat it and how much you eat.  Simple small changes can make a huge difference; meaning more water, veggies and whole grains.  When you drink more water your skin will look better, you flush out the unhealthy stuff in your system, and you really don’t feel as bloated when you’re properly hydrated.  I tell my son, if you’re thirsty, you are already dehydrated-drink before it gets that far.  Why not grab a reusable water bottle for the office or car, and keep it filled for those times that you’re thirsty?  Water helps you fill full, and keeps you from grabbing a carbonated beverage-and all those useless calories.  If you’re starving, you’ve already hit starvation mode and your body will hold most of what you eat for fear it won’t get food on a regular schedule. 

Yes, you really should be eating every 4-5 hours (3-4 for men) to keep your metabolism up and running.  And no, I’m not talking about large meals just small snack size options.  I know how “crazy” this sounds, but it’s true and it really works.  I also know that most of you are like “yeah right, I don’t have time to do that”…..but the real question is how do you not?  Again, just small changes in the beginning and then more later, you have to gradually change what you do in order to make it a lifestyle change.  Try just changing ground beef to ground turkey-simple and most times you won’t even notice the difference.  Change your pasta to a whole wheat or multi-grain option, little steps one by one add up.  Have a handful of unsalted peanuts 20 minutes before dinner; you’ll be surprised how quickly you get full. 

I know life is hectic and everyone has a million different directions and expectations on them, but it’s up to you to set an example for your kids.  Parents spend so much time taking kids here there and everywhere, but don’t spend enough time focusing on what they eat.  Everyone worries when a child is overweight, but you really can’t blame the child when they eat the food that is bought for them.  We as parents have to remember actions speak so much louder than words, and healthy foods in the home lead to healthier habits. 

I’ll be posting some simple healthy recipes here for everyone to try and more ideas on how to make healthy changes and organizational tips.  My first recipe is a chipotle turkey chili-be sure and check back in January, it’s great for a cold day or for the big game.

Blessings and health in 2011,


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  1. Thank you Tiffany, you and Coach George have an amazing amount of information that I hope is followed!!!

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