Ingredient #1 for building the Ultimate Athlete…

Ingredient #1 for building the Ultimate Athlete… An optimal training program


       When designing an optimal training program, we must consider the chronological, biological, and psychological development of the young athlete(s) in front of us. In previous blogs, that I have posted on my site, I keep bringing up the importance of having young athletes (ages6-12) focus on coordination and movement skill development through global stimulation. Far to often we as coaches and trainers get to caught up with “sport specify “ when designing programs for our young athletes. In fact when preparing training programs for athletes 12-14, 80% of training should consist of General Physical Preparation. For ages 14-17 up to 50% of training should consist of GPP. For ages 17-20 up to 30% of training should consist of GPP.

       Another common mistake I see with a lot of training programs is putting emphasis on how much a young athlete can lift, before they can perform and master the proper lifting technique. You should always use body weight before adding loads. When it is appropriate to add load the load must be sufficient to allow performance of each repetition with good technique throughout the appropriate range of motion, and at the appropriate speed. This is extremely critical when performing Olympic and Power lifting oriented exercises. Most of the high school athletes that walk through my door do not posses the proper lifting technique with loads that they tell me they do with their lifts. This not only increases the chance of serious injuries, it also can hinder optimal performance in their designated sports.

       Another very important principle to mention when designing a program is as trainers and coaches we must prioritize the strength development of the larger trunk musculature and muscles required for maintenance of posture. This would include the hips, back, and abdominal muscles.

       The last point I would like to bring up on this topic is one that is often overlooked. No matter how good your program may be it is crucial that as coaches and trainers we are able to communicate to our athlete(s) what it is we want them to do. Athletes come in all shapes and sizes, this we know. However, we forget that they also learn in different ways, the same is true when learning a subject in school. It is very important that we posses the skills that are needed to communicate to ALL of our athletes in a way that they understand what we are trying to teach them. This is known as the “Art of Coaching”.  An analogy that I like to use is “ it’s not always the recipe but the chef that makes a great dish.”

       In my next newsletter I will be talking about the 2nd ingredient that is needed to help our young athletes become the most sound and proficient athletes that they can become… NUTRITION.

Until next time…Coach George

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