Ingredient #2 in building the Ultimate Athlete…Nutrition

       Although legally I cannot prescribe a diet to any of my young athletes, and unless you are a certified nutrtionalist, registered dietitian, or a doctor you should not prescribe a diet. I do feel it necessary that coaches, trainers, and parents have a basic understanding of the importance a balanced, healthy diet has on performance.

        So often coaches and trainers ask our athletes to give us 100% during each practice, workouts, and games. It will be very hard to find a young athlete that doesn’t want to do what ever their coaches or trainers ask them. However, without proper nutrition it is unfair of us to expect these athletes to be able to do everything we ask them to. It would be the same as expecting your car to take you cross-country on only 3-4 gas stops… you won’t make it.

       With today’s busy lifestyle most children and teenagers eat very poorly. The International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) has come up with ten practical nutritional strategies to help young athletes and their families. In order to keep this post from being to long, I am going to just list the ten strategies. To learn more about these strategies in greater detail, stop by the facility and check us out.

#1 Eat every 2-3 hours

#2 Ingest complete-lean proteins with each meal

#3 Ingest vegetables with each meal

#4 Eat veggies and fruits at any meal and “other” carbohydrates mostly after exercise

#5 Eat healthy fats daily, about 25-30% of a young athletes diet should come from fats (saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated)

#6 Most calorie-containing drinks (aside from workout nutrition) should be eliminated

#7 Eat whole foods instead of supplements whenever possible. Exception: during or immediately after exercise as well as when traveling

#8 Plan to break these rules 10% of the time. We aren’t perfect and eating a bad meal every once in a while is not going to kill you. It will actually make you feel sick and not want to do it again!!!!!!

#9 Plan ahead and prepare meals in advance

#10 Eat as wide a variety of good foods as possible.

       Remember, it may take sometime to see the results from your workouts, but proper eating is something that will yield results immediately.        

Till next time… Coach George

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  1. Good Morning Coach George, I know as a relative I am biased but this article and the previous one are PERFECT, thank you for taking the tiime to let us all know about good health/fitness. God Bless, A.


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