Ingredient #3 In building the Ultimate Athlete…Rest and Recovery

This final ingredient is usually the one that is not thought of and often left out. Every day I meet young athletes who want to get bigger and stronger so badly that they believe working out two times a day, everyday is the way to do it. Maybe their coaches tell them that they need to bench more so they are constantly bench pressing almost every workout and using maximal weights. The problem with this kind of mentality is that you never give your body time to repair it self and grow. Please allow me to break it down real simple for you. WORKING OUT TEARS THE MUSCLE DOWN, PROPER NUTRITION AND REST BUILDS THEM BACK UP. The body grows when it is in an anabolic (growth) state, not a catabolic (torn down) state. As mentioned in my previous post children and teenagers eat poorly and they usually don’t get enough sleep. Even without their workouts their body is already in somewhat of a catabolic state. Remember, the purpose of the workout is to tear the muscle down, so if their body is already in a catabolic state then what are we really accomplishing?

                             Let’s take a look at this concept in greater detail. Even though young athletes are neither body builders nor power lifters, I am going to use these two groups as an example. Body builders’ main goal is muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth). If you were to look over their workout routine you will see that the usually won’t train the same muscle group before 3 days of rest. Power lifters’ main goal is to see how much they can lift for 1 rep. They generally hit the same muscle group once every 5-7 days. My brother who competed in bench press competitions on the national level would bench press once every 2 weeks some times once a month. He would work his chest once every 5 days though. He could bench almost 3 times his weight.

                              The most recent example that I would like to use is a 2010 High School graduate that I had the pleasure of training before he left for college football. We put on 15+ lbs of muscle and increased his lifts by 25-45% in 3 months. When he would stop by to visit his high school coaches they would all say, “What are you doing? You have gotten so much bigger”.  Well, it’s real simple 1) we put together an optimal training program; 2) he consumed proper nutrition, and 3) had adequate rest and recovery time. I would like to add one more thing about this young athlete, he worked harder then anyone I have ever trained.

                               This is the final part of my three part series. I have just given you a very brief explanation about the three ingredients needed to help create an exceptional athlete. There is so much more that can be said about each ingredient. As mentioned in a prior post you can have all the ingredients but it still takes the proper chef to make a great meal. The same goes for training young athletes. I can give you the ingredients, and even go into great detail about each, but unless you know how to incorporate each one, and understand the proper athletic development of children and teenagers, the final outcome won’t be the same. Here at Athletic Revolution Matthews, we specialize in youth fitness and athletic development; we are the only facility in the Charlotte area that has certified youth fitness specialist working with our young athletes. To find out more on how Athletic Revolution Matthews can help your child please come by and check us out.

This will be my last post until the New Year; I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season, until next time…Coach George

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  1. I loved these last three posts and learned so much. Thanks Coach George and a very Merry Christmas to you!!!!


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