November Newsletter 2016

What the “BIG BAD WOLF and THE THREE LITTLE PIGS” can teach us about youth athletic development

While in church this past Sunday, our Priest used an analogy of the “Three Little Pigs” during his homily as it relates to our faith in Christianity. After listening to his lecture, I thought to myself the message that Father Steve is relaying to us about faith is identical to the message that I am relaying to all of my young athletes and parents who walk through my door here at Athletic Revolution Matthews.

What Father Steve was saying is that to build a strong foundation in your faith it must start at a young age, takes hard work, lots of patience, and a long time to develop a strong foundation.  If we go to church every now and then and don’t practice living a Christian life every day, when the time comes where we are faced with temptation most of us, if not all of us, will succumb to the temptation and fail.

The first 2 pigs didn’t take the time or hard work it required to build a solid foundation for their home. They completed it in a matter of hours, and when the Big Bad Wolf came along (temptation) he blew the houses down. While the 3rd pig worked hard and took the time to allow the foundation of his house to develop and become strong, he was ridiculed and laughed at by the other 2 pigs that were out playing and goofing off.  The 3rd pig worked diligently and did not move on to the next phase of his building process until the first phase was finished, solid, and indestructible.  When the Big Bad Wolf came around the third time, he tried and tried but could not blow this house down.  Through constant hard work and long-term development, the 3rd pig built a house that was able to withstand whatever came its way.

Okay, how does this relate to athletic development? Well, let’s see:

  • Those of you who think that you can have your young athlete master the skills of speed, agility, quickness, strength, and power by running through some ladder drills;
  • trying to see how much they can lift;
  • sign up for a “six-week speed and agility class”;
  • run suicides at the end of practice until they puke;
  • try to see how many push-ups or pull-ups they can do in a matter of time, while disregarding technique and proper execution;
  • play in travel ball tournaments every weekend year round,


Sure you will see improvement in your young athletes, just for the fact that as your kids get older, they become faster, stronger, and bigger naturally. You may also see that your child is better than most of his/her teammates on his U12 team.  However, in later years when your athlete becomes a junior/senior in high school, or maybe made it to the collegiate level, and they are faced with far superior competition (the wolf) or put in situations in a game (the wolf) that they are unprepared athletically to overcome, they will most likely fail or worse, get hurt, and may never recover to their full potential.

For those of you who have your young athletes focus on improvement, instead of winning at a young age; for those of you who understand the importance of skill development and long-term Athletic Development; for those of you who have the patience and knowledge on how to improve one’s performance instead of making your athlete tired; for those of you who understand to build a strong athletic foundation it takes years of practice and progression without moving on to the next level until you have mastered and understand level 1; for those of you who understand “free play” while your child is young; for those of you who allow them to discover a multitude of movement and athletic stimuli – YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH TOWARDS BUILDING A STRONG FOUNDATION with your young athlete.  So, when the BIG BAD WOLF comes to call to challenge your athlete, you will have helped to prepare them to face these challenges and forge ahead victoriously.

At Athletic Revolution Matthews, it may take a little longer than most coaches and parents want to accept, but all of our athletes will be ready, prepared and equipped to defeat the Big Bad Wolf 100% of the time.

– Coach George




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