October 2017

Read below to see what Coach George is doing to help change the culture of youth sports:


Are we helping kids stay active? The answer is a resounding no, according to a new released study from the Sports & Fitness Industry Association and the Aspen Institute. While almost 45% of kids ages 6 to 12 played a team sport regularly in 2008, according to Aspen data, that number has been on a steady decline and has now dropped to about 37% as of last year. Experts point to a number of reasons for this dip in participation, citing everything from early specialization, overuse injuries, a lack of trained coaches, mental and physical burnout, the rising cost of equipment, and the popularity of technical devices to name a few.

But just as with every fall of the balance beam or skinned knee, wherever there’s a problem, there is also a solution…

For the last 18 months, Coach George has been working on a concept that he feels will help bring our youth back to participating in youth sports and living a healthy, active lifestyle. He has come up with an athletic/sport based obstacle course that he calls the T.A.C. course. T.A.C stands for Total Athlete Challenge.

T.A.C. features obstacles that promote total athleticism and multi-sport skills. It is designed to offset the harmful effects of early-age sport specialization. We are looking to launch this in the spring of 2018. Come out Saturday, October 21 to Stallings Fall Festival to get a sneak preview of what’s to come!

“Anyone can make you tired…not everyone can make you better”

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