Three most important ingredient’s for athletic development

         What does baking food and training athletes have in common?  This might sound like a strange question, but there are some similarities.  As we approach the holiday season, I always find myself  looking back to when I was a child and all of the fun that my brothers and I had during the season. Being from the Greek descent, I remember some of the traditions that my parents would include during the Christmas holiday. When it came to food there were breads that my mother would prepare only at Christmas, and New Years.

         When I got married my wife would make the Christmas bread, she got the recipe from a cookbook that she bought, and prepared the bread so I could have it in the house. Even though my wife did a great job her bread just didn’t taste the same as my mother’s. One Christmas, I remember my wife asking my mom to go over the recipe with her and she found out that there was one ingredient that she left out.  The next year she prepared the bread and it tasted just like I remembered it as a little boy.

          When training young athletes the same principles apply. Even though most trainers and coaches try their best to help these young athletes get better, there is always one or more ingredient that is left out. The next three blogs that I will post will cover the three ingredients that must be included when training young athletes. The first ingredient is a proper training program that is optimal for the age and athletic development level of the athlete in front of you. The next ingredient is a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet. The last ingredient is proper rest and recovery time. In the next couple of weeks please look for my newsletters as I will comment on all three ingredients.

         Hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season.

  Until next time, Coach George

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