Training Efficiency

When developing a strength-training regimen for young athletes, a number of variables must be manipulated in order to produce desired results. These include:

  • Training frequency
  • Exercise selection and order
  • Sets and reps
  • Intensity
  • Time under tension
  • Rest period


In today’s blog, we are going to cover Training Frequency.

  • What are the demands of the sport? 

Football may require more days in the weight room than cross country or golf, although all athletes should spend time doing resistance training


  • What phase are the athletes in?

Off-season: Time should be spent on getting bigger and stronger with a focus on explosive, more powerful movements.

In-season: Athletes should focus on injury prevention, and sport specific movement efficiency with less time in the weight room.

Pre-season: Athletes should focus on endurance, injury prevention, speed, game preparation and conditioning.


  • Athletes age and experience

Younger athletes or less experienced weight lifters will see good results with 1-2 days in the weight room, while more experienced athletes may need 3-5 days to see similar improvements.



Keep a lookout for our next blog post about Exercise Selection and Order coming soon!


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