When should my child start lifting weights?

This is a common question that is asked by most parents, that come through our doors here at Athletic Revolution Matthews. Last week the father of two girls, who partake in our “discovery” classes, was intrigued by the fact that I had his 8 and 9 year old girls doing kettle-bell dead-lifts. I explained to him that children can and should start “strength training” at a young age, and most children do strength training without even realizing it. This brings me to my blog post for this months newsletter.

        Later that night this father went home and did some research on the Internet. He found many articles that support our philosophy here at Athletic Revolution Matthews on youth strength training. I have included one of the articles from the NY. Times that he sent me. This months blog will be that article. Please read, and if you have any questions or are interested in getting your child involved in a proper and safe strength training, athletic development , and youth fitness program please feel free to contact us. We are the only “all youth” fitness facility in the Charlotte area.


Until next time,  coach George

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